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1. Software that defines a database, stores the data, supports a query language, produces reports and creates data entry screens is a:

A) Data dictionary

B) Database management system (DBMS)

C) Decision support system

D) Relational database


2. The separation of the data definition from the program is known as:

A) Data dictionary

B) Data independence

C) Data integrity

D) Referential integrity


3. In the client / server model, the database:

A) is downloaded to the client upon request

B) is shared by both the client and server

C) Resides on the client side

D) Resides on the server side


4. The database design that consists of multiple tables that are linked together through matching data stored in each table is called a:

A) Hierarchical database

B) Network database

C) Object oriented database

D) Relational database


5. Which of the following items is not the advantage of a DBMS?

A) Improved ability to enforce standards

B) Improved data consistency

C) Local control over the data

D) Minimal data redundancy


6. Which of the following statements is not correct?

A) All many-to-many relationships must be converted to a set of one-to-many relationships by adding a new entity

B) In a one-to-one relationship between two classes, the two classes are generally described by one table in relational database model

C) Encapsulation provides some security and control features

D) Properties and functions can be protected from other areas of the applications


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