Application of Zener diode as voltage regulator:

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  • Zener diode works on reverse bias or in zener region the voltage across it is substantially constant for a large change of current through it. This characteristic permits the zener diode to be used as a voltage regulator.
  •  The zener diode maintains a constant voltage across the load spite of any change in load current or input voltage. Above figure is a very simple voltage regulator circuit requiring just one zener diode and one resistor. As long as the input voltage is a few volts more than the desired output voltage, the voltage across the zener diode will b stable.
  • As the input voltage increase the current through the zener diode increases but the voltage drop remains constant-a feature of zener diodes.
  • Review Questions

1)      Define semiconductor.

2)      What is meant by biasing of p-n junction diode?

3)      What is meant by the term “barrier potential”? What is its value for silicon and germanium diodes?

4)      Explain the formation of Depletion region in the unbiased p-n junction.

5)      Explain the working and characteristics of p-n junction diode.

6)      Compare ideal and practical diode.

7)       Compare zener and p-n junction diode.

8)      Zener diode can be used as voltage regulator. Justify.

9)      What is rectifier? With the help of neat circuit diagram and waveform explain the operation of a half rectifier circuit. Why this circuit is called ‘half wave’ circuit?

10)  Compare HW, FW and bridge rectifier.


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