Algorithm*You Always Wanted to ask, But did not know Where to Find Answer

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What is divide and conquer ?

How this technique improves performance of an algorithm?

Example of this technique when applied to search an element ?

What is Master Theorem?

Example of the theorem.

These are some of the questions students of information technology and computer science ask. Most of the time they are not able to answer. On ‘Googling’  they find the example but can’t explain.

We at Vissicomp invite you to answer these questions and get rewarded for correct answer.

To  help you, we give steps of ‘Divide and conqure’.


In order to accomplish a task using the above technique, the following steps need to be

Carried out:

  • Divide the problem domain into SMALL unit(atomic level), where SMALL is the basic unit whose solution is known.
  • Solve individual sub-problems using the solution of basic unit.
  • Combine the sub-solutions to get the final answer.

Your time starts now!

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