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Introduction :-

Good evening, I’m Tanya Variava. I’m in my first year of Bsc. In computer science at Mithibai College. Python is the first ver programming language I have elearnt. Python is considered one of the most cutting edge programming language. Each language is somehow “unique” in a way, but if I were to list a few of Python’s pros I would say that is a high level language with lots of libraries and documentation, a very nice community, it is widely adopted, powerful enough to build almost anything with it and it can be ideal for some specific task like prototyping . Python was ranked as the number 4 programming language by Red Monk in 2016. Python is a high level language which is widely used for web development, scientific and numeric computing. It is an interpreted language. Python uses shell scripting. The shell in Python is called the IDLE which stands for Integrated Development and Learning Environment . Python allows you to convert text to an integer. The standard data types in python are


List -Mutable


Dictionary-Keys are immutable but values are mutable

Integer- Immutable

Float – Immutable

That was the basic introduction to this extensive language that is Python. The biggest advantage I have is to have a teacher and a mentor like Dr.Mehta. There are so many things that I would not have known if I was not a student of Vissicomp.  You can google certain things but these facts will not be found even on Google. For example, a dictionary has key and value pairs which is collectively called an item Google will tell you that a dictionary contains key value pairs but no one will tell you that they are collectively called an item. Another example would be Dict()  is a constructer  for the dictionary class. Dictionary is mutable all websites will tell you it isn’t wrong but to be more accurate the key in dictionary is immutable but the value is mutable. My professors here at vissicomp are of the firm belief that exams and marks are temporary but knowledge is permanent.  The syllabus and marks are given importance but they aren’t placed above everything else. The IT industry is a skill based industry and that is kept in mind. I have learnt a lot about Python as a programming language at vissicomp than I would have learnt anywhere else. Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom, sharing knowledge is the greatest deed towards humanity Dr. Mehta has oceans of knowledge in not just Python but everything else and I’m very grateful that he shares his knowledge with all of us. Thank you very much sir for everything. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. It has been an absolute pleasure.

Thank you         

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