If You Want A Tech Job In Video Streaming,You Need To Master Python Coding Language

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It’s a really good time to be a programmer. In this age of digital boom, the profession is in demand in everything from banking, to research, to app development, and more.In fact, if you’re a Python programmer, there’s a good chance


Python developers at Netflix say the programming language is a major part of the popular video streaming platform. They claim the language is used throughout the “full content lifecycle”. It’s in everything from Netflix’s security features, to its algorithm that recommends content based on your watch history, to even its proprietary content distribution network.

The language is open-source too, meaning anyone can technically pick it up and try it out. Github is full of various Python-powered projects of both large and small scale. Python is also one of the more popular programming languages these days too, finding uses in everything from development to cybersecurity to machine learning

“Python has long been a popular programming language in the networking space because it’s an intuitive language that allows engineers to quickly solve networking problems,”

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