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Upcoming Event For Machine Learning In Mumbai..

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Google Analytics Certification

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Google AdWords & Analytics certificate training Google Ad Sense

This training ensures you to be a adroit in AdWords & Analytics. We’ll make you learn it all from scratch with the practical approach. Also get a self experience with live projects and certification from Google AdWords & Analytics. Don’t miss this hand giving opportunity to be an expert.




Google Ads certification

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Google Ads is the most successful product of Google and it is unquestionably the most essential advertising option for any B2C brand that is into mass marketing of goods and services.

Google ads will also drive the marketing strategy for our most ambitious service “Digital marketing training”. So revisiting the classroom was essential.


Inbound Marketing Certification

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Congratulations Vikash Kumar !

Passed  Inbound Marketing Certification

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Find the error in the following..

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Find the error in the following and win Vissicomp Technology discount coupon up to Rs.1000/-


32    =   3 + 3 + 3 ( Three added three times. )

52   =   5+5+5+5+5 ( Five added five times. )

X2   =   x+x+x+x+ ……   x times

Find first derivative w.r.t. x on both sides.

2x =  1+1+1+1+…… x times

2x   = x     cancelling x on both side

We get  2=1

Find the error!

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Edited by Dr. Ashwin I Mehta

Learn Digital Marketing …

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