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Starting Hardware for ML( Machine Learning )

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Most businesses have decided that AI is critically important for their competitiveness. They don’t always know yet what kind of AI, and they often don’t know how and where  to get started, but they are making provisions for AI in their budget. And they are asking developers to start experimenting. Larger businesses can afford to recruit skilled developers, and smaller businesses ask their current team to develop the necessary skills. We are seeing a lot of trial and error among these businesses right now, some with fear and anxiety. Nevertheless, there is  also a distinct urgency that drives these companies, they are anxious to not fall behind. Developers and programmers are working hard to get a good grasp of the deep learning (DL) frameworks, with increasing their data sets, and starting to develop models. Developers need free rein to bring this important new AI capability into the business, and the best way to achieve this is by giving them their own tools. Of course, those tools need to be suitable and strong enough for simple ML tasks to heavy-duty tasks as DL. A workstation with multiple powerful GPUs and a well-integrated, fully optimized stack is ideal for developers in this experimental stage. It allows them to get to production-scale deep learning much faster, which means that the business will start benefiting sooner from the models and algorithms they develop.

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