Increasing technologies and increasing demands for softwares.Confusing you? We would like to tell you that we are not surprised by this question as this is the query of each and every student.Come lets have a look to the VISSICOMP world to choose the best of them.We are here with the two best softwares.



CorelDraw makes it easy to make an entry in the designing world.CorelDraw means implementing company logos,developing unique ideas,advanced tools,plugins,modification of images,easy change in font size & shape.With these various features,techniques & color strategy its flexible for designers to design their graphic projects.


2.Adobe Photoshop:-

Photoshop the word itself is so interesting.As soon as we listen of photoshop something innovative and happening comes to our mind.Adobe Photoshop is a powerful and image editor tool which designs and edits the simpliest and toughest image.The main purpose of photoshop is to brush management,edit videos,various fonts.


Different Features Of Two Different Softwares CorelDraw & Adobe Photoshop Are Given Below:-