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  • The  code  that  is  executed  by  the  CLR  environment  rather  than  executed  by  the operating system is called as managed code.
  • The applications that are created using managed code automatically have CLR services, such  as  type  checking,  security,  and  automatic  garbage  collection  these  CLR compiles the applications to MSIL and not the machine code.
  • This  MSIL  along  with  the  metadata  that  attributes,  classes,  and  methods  of  the  code reside in an assembly.
  • The compilation takes place in the managed execution environment, which assures the working of the code.
  • The  benefits  provided  by  the  CLR  can  be  used  by  selecting  one  or  more  language compilers, such as visual basic, C#, visual C++, or any of the third party compilers, such as COBOL, PERL, or Eiffel.
  • The language compiler determines the syntax the must be Used by the code. When the code is complied into managed code, the compiler converts the source code into MSIL, which is central processing unit (CPU) – independent.
  • At this time, the required metadata is generated. The metadata contains the definition of types, member signature, the members in the code, and other details that the code uses at the time of execution. Next, MSIL must be converted into CPU – specific code by the JIT compiler, before the execution of the code.  The role of JIT compiler is to translate the MSIL into native code.
  • The  runtime  also  supports  another  method  of  compilation  named  install – time  code generation.  It converts MSIL into native code in a single shot by taking a larger unit of code at a time.
  • The  entire  assembly  is  converted  into  native  code  at  the  installation  time  itself.  By default, it takes care of other assemblies’ referred in this assembly. It stores the resulting native code for use when the assembly is loaded and run. Using the install – time code generation, the entire assembly that results in loading the code files more rapidly.


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