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Process Flow in Data Warehouse

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Process Flow in Data Warehouse

There are four major processes that build a data warehouse. Here is the list of four processes:

  • Extract and load data.
  • Cleaning and transforming the data.
  • Backup and Archive the data.
  • Managing queries & directing them to the appropriate data sources.

Extract and Load Process

  • The Data Extraction takes data from the source systems.
  • Data load takes extracted data and loads it into data warehouse.

Clean and Transform Process

Once data is extracted and loaded into temporary data store it is the time to perform Cleaning and Transforming. Here is the list of steps involved in Cleaning and Transforming:

  • Clean and Transform the loaded data into a structure.
  • Partition the data.
  • Aggregation

Backup and Archive the data

  • To recover the data in event of data loss, software failure or hardware failure it is necessary to backed up on regular basis.
  • Archiving involves removing the old data from the system in a format that allow it to be quickly restored whenever required.

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