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Cascading Style Sheet

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Program which explains about Cascading Style Sheet


<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> Sample 206 – CSS Example 1-6 </TITLE>



H1 { text-align: center;

line-height: 50pt;

text-decoration: line-through;

text-transform: uppercase;

text-indent: 40px;

color: red;

font-family: Clarendon, Palatino, Helvetica;

font-size: 24pt;


DIV { text-align: right;

line-height: 32pt;

text-decoration: underline;

text-transform: capitalize;

text-indent: 100px;

color: blue;

font-family: Palatino, Clarendon, Helvetica;

font-size: 14pt;






<H1>this is sample 206</H1>

<DIV> This example focuses on demonstrating text-decoration, text-transform,

text-align, text-indent and line-height.



<DIV> Notice that the line-height parameter causes the space between the lines to

be greater than normal leading in the DIV tags. The DIV Elements are text-aligned

to the right, blue, underlined and the first letter of each word is capitalized.

</DIV> <BR><HR>

<DIV> Also Notice that the text in the H1 Element is all in uppercase letters even

though when it was typed in they were all in lowercase letters.


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Output :

Cascading Style Sheet
Cascading Style Sheet