If You Want A Tech Job In Video Streaming,You Need To Master Python Coding Language

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It’s a really good time to be a programmer. In this age of digital boom, the profession is in demand in everything from banking, to research, to app development, and more.In fact, if you’re a Python programmer, there’s a good chance


Python developers at Netflix say the programming language is a major part of the popular video streaming platform. They claim the language is used throughout the “full content lifecycle”. It’s in everything from Netflix’s security features, to its algorithm that recommends content based on your watch history, to even its proprietary content distribution network.

The language is open-source too, meaning anyone can technically pick it up and try it out. Github is full of various Python-powered projects of both large and small scale. Python is also one of the more popular programming languages these days too, finding uses in everything from development to cybersecurity to machine learning

“Python has long been a popular programming language in the networking space because it’s an intuitive language that allows engineers to quickly solve networking problems,”

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Programs in Python for BFS

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Breadth-first search (BFS) is an algorithm used for traversing graph data structures. BFS implements a specific strategy for visiting all the nodes (vertices) of a graph. BFS starts with a node, then it checks the neighbours of the initial node, then the neighbours of the neighbours, and so on.

I’ve created a connected graph with 7 nodes and 8 edges. The edges are undirected and unweighted.  Distance between two nodes will be measured based on the number of edges separating two vertices.   I use the adjacency list to represent the above graph. An effective/elegant method for implementing adjacency lists in Python is using dictionaries. The keys of the dictionary represent nodes, the values have a list of neighbours.


The following screen shot represents representation of the above graph and output shows the result of running Breadth First Search (BFS) algorithm.  Can you explain the output?  Can you write program in Python ?

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  • Why learn python programming?

Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages. For the past five years, Python has held the number one position as the “most popular coding language.”


  • Why Django is the best web development framework for your project?


Python owes a great deal of its flexibility to the many programming environments and frameworks that make the development of specific applications quick and easy.

For example, web developers can turn to frameworks like Django or Flask, which let you focus on writing the app or site rather than get bogged down by tedious legwork.



The ability to use Django is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of learning Python.

The Django framework lets you model your domain and code classes.

Now you can focus your efforts on your user interface.

  •  Different ways to change ( configure) Django admin site header text ?

Update file with following line of code:’text you want to change in header of the admin site’


Change file:”header text”

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